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Reveal Automation Parameter on All Tracks

Command+Control- click on any control in the edit window to reveal the automation lane for that control in the edit window. Command+Option+Control- click on the same control shows that lane on all tracks, which is very useful.


However, while Command+Control- click on a control in a plug-in window reveals that automation lane in the edit window, Command+Option+Control- click on the same control, which should show that lane on all tracks, instead brings up an unrelated pop-up menu "Automation dialog, Enable/disable plug-in automation".


Probably the best way to deal with this is to add "Show this automation parameter on all tracks" to the existing pop-up menu.


I do this many times a day and now the only way to do it is to Option- click on the parameter name in the track display pop-up menu, which can take a while to find the appropriate parameter.


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