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MIDI bug with real time properties delay / advance

Was "MIDI transpose bug"


In ProTools, a negative delay setting in the realtime properties of a MIDI track causes the first note of a region to be shifted outside the region border, and therefore ignored by all edit commands (transpose, quantize, length, etc.)


In other words, realtime delay settings only effect notes, NOT THE REGIONS THAT CONTAIN THOSE NOTES! This is a huge bug.


For example, if I select A REGION graphically with the hand grabber and select transpose, it should transpose THE REGION. Instead, it leaves the first note out. BUG.


The first note IS part of the region when I move the region. The first note IS part of the region when I duplicate the region, when I stretch the region, so therefore it should be a part of the region when I transpose, quantize, etc. No double standards. BUG.


A realtime delay setting should never shift a note outside the border of the very region that contains it. THIS IS A BUG. A region is a region. Period.


This behavior needs to be addressed as buggy, illogical, inconvenient, troublesome MIDI behavior, and fixed in the next version of protools. PRIORITY ONE.


I have over a hundred tracks with realtime negative delay settings in my basic template. These tracks trigger VIs from external computers. The negative delay allows me to compensate for the latency and view my notes in proper sync graphically... but because I can't QUANTIZE or TRANSPOSE without the first note of every region being ignored, it's all for nothing. Until this is fixed, I consider ProTools to be severely BROKEN.


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