Pro Tools features

Move Protools Plugin Folder

I want the ability to tell Protools where to go look for my AAX plugins (or any other plugins). Currently, you have to store all plugins on the C: drive. I use the C: drive of a Windows box for my operating system only. I have a D: drive for all my applications, sound files and plugins, and I have an E: drive for my Protools project files and song ideas. The C drive is a standard mechanical drive, and the D & E drives... more »

Pro Tools features

20 Plugins Per Track

Advantages of Having the option to 20 Inserts Slot: - The user is able to space out their plugins into sections - More opportunity to A/B different plugins within the chain - Sound Designers have more flexibility - Mix down without need to convert to Audio Track - All plugins stay within the same section - No need to Daisy-Chain which saves Bus's - Saves CPU power because Buses dont need to be used - Save Time due to... more »


Pro Tools features

Plugin Groups

Plugin groups would be just like mix and edit groups. there could be 2 different types of plugin groups. control groups that link parameters so that when you change a parameter, it changes globally on all plugins in that group that are the same plugin. the other would be bypass groups which you could link any plugin to the group and bypass all the plugins in the group globally. i have a lot of tracks that are doubled... more »