Develop Pro Tools for Music and Post software separately

I'm gonna get some flack maybe, but its just getting to the point where the two disciplines are demanding too many specific and complex features that just aren't needed in one or the other. Both disciplines would benefit greatly from having the development split and would result in a far better product for each. Ground rules: Hardware must be 100% compatible on either version. If you want to add either version for your ...more »


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CHANGE DEVELOPMENT PHILOSOPHY, become more music / creativity oriented

Start being a music company that uses software and hardware as a vehicle for creativity. Stop coding like a software company who just happens to do music. The developers appear completely disconnected from the actual workflows the software is being used for. This mindset is apparent from the way everything flows. Bugs aside, the software could be so much more creativity oriented while still leaving advanced features for ...more »


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Artist Series features

Get Rid of Transport

I could do without the transport section. I never use it and find the Pro Tools key commands faster. It eats up valuable real estate. I would rather either lose the right side of the console and move the buttons underneath the soft keys to make it smaller, or have four more faders on the right side for a total of eight.


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Eleven Rack features

11 Foot Controller: Zero Built In Expression Pedals

For this idea, take it as a given that Avid will produce an 11R MIDI Foot Controller.


Cast your vote for this one if you must have:


Zero built in expression pedals.


That is, you won't buy an 11 Foot Controller with any built in expression pedals.


There would also be provisions for at least 1 external expression pedal input of the same type on the 11R now.


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Pro Tools features

2-Dimensional Panning

Allow 2-dimensional panning with user-specified left-right and up-down effects. For instance, left-right motion corresponds to normal left-right panning as well as left-right panning into a stereo-in/stereo-out reverb, while up-down corresponds to the level sent to the reverb).


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