Pro Tools features

Only ONE undo when nudging something

When nudging a region, fade, data etc. using the keyboard, a new undo step is created on every key stroke. (Actually, also on every step if you hold down the key.)

It would make sense to create only ONE undo for all the key hits, until you select something else. Photoshop and other programs work this way and it is much more convenient...

Pro Tools features

Multiple Trim Lines

Allow multiple trim automation lines on each track. Thus on a vocal track one trim line (A) might be used to reduce esses, while another (B) might be used to modify the pre-existing volume automation (Z). Then allow the trim automation to be coalesced selectively, e.g. coalesce B with Z. This way A can remain un-coalesced for later changes, like you want to dip essess by 3dB instead of 6dB.

Pro Tools features

Two New Features from Hen-Jay

A nice & new feature in Pro Tools should be to separate the Edit from the Mix controls. I think the next Pro Tools should separate there Mix & Edit View just like FL Studio (but FL Studio has their Edit view for you to setup your volume, pan, analysis, effects & etc. for separate tracks within each tracks and/or groups and there Mixer controls all the masters volume, pan, effects, analysis & etc. for the separate tracks... more »

Eleven Rack features

Amp Model Suggestion - Scholz X100 or Soloist

This would technically be a preamp model (I guess). Those of us of a certain age remember these units. The sound, which some may view as dated, is certainly unique. I can't think of anyone else modeling the distortion of the X100 or Soloist. Units are readily and cheaply available (not that I believe Avid is a penny pinching group of tight wads, but you never know).

Eleven Rack features

Wah Model: Big Bad Wah Simulation.

What I would like to see on the 11R is more Wah Modelling. To that end I suggest that the 11R dev team create a model of the Big Bad Wah - with whatever protection they need to not get done for copyright :)

Anyway, the features are: user selectable between a vintage UK inductor, and the more modern USA style. A cusomised pedal pot itself for a smooth transition thoughout the full sweep, and also features a drive knob.... more »

Pro Tools features

CoreAudio Volume Control from Keyboard and Apple Remote

When you select "Internal Speakers" from the "Sound" panel is OSX System Preferences, you have control of volume from your menu bar, QWERTY keyboard, apple Remotes, etc. However, when using Digidesign's Core Audio, you lose this ability and the volume is pinned at 100%, allowing only external hardware control of volume.

Please correct this, it's a real pain in the ***.