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Pro Tools bugs

Fix -9129 bugs with HD Native cards

This is a too common bug that frequently hassles HD Native users, sometimes making their new systems unusable.

""Audio processing could not complete due to conflicts with other CPU tasks or a potential clocking issue. If this occurs often, verify your sync cables or try changing the HW Buffer Size setting in the Playback Engine dialog. In most cases a larger HW buffer size will prevent the problem. (-9129)"

DUC forum... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Bring back Full Screen mode! (removed since 12.6.1)

just installed 12.6.1 on MacOS El Capitan 10.11.6, upgraded from 12.5.2. Full Screen mode no longer works. I click the green button, and it just (vaguely) Maximizes the window, instead of entering Full Screen.

This makes Pro Tools break the standard of MacOS since at least Mountain Lion, and is a severe hindrance to usability on small screens like a laptop. The standard for MacOS is that clicking the green button enters... more »

Pro Tools bugs

HDX Latency

on HDX there is an error that occurs occasionally where a very noticeable delay randomly appears on record enabled tracks when recording or even when transport is not running. It seems to be ADC related and was not present on older HD systems.

As this issue appears both on ProTools HD 10 and 11, it seems to be hardware (firmware) related.

There have been various reports of what may be the cause, including certain (non-DSP)... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Video Engine Playback Delay

Compared to ProTools 10 the video engine playback delay is way to big. It is almost a second from hitting space to play.
That`s way to long for a professional HDX system in a professional studio on a new Mac Pro. Pro Tools 10 is instant playback. Really fast and flowing.
Please fix this or give us the option to work with the old quicktime engine when needed. Thanks

Pro Tools bugs

"Waiting for Video Operation to Complete" or "unable to create thumbnails" after importing video

The Avid Video Engine doesn't work. its not as bad as it was in earlier versions of PT 11, but it still is unacceptable in a professional environment. As a freelancer in NYC I have yet to see a studio running the AVE and video hardware that doesn't have problems. Its been over a year and a half and the best solution to use video is to disable video hardware and run a quicktime window! Constantly getting "waiting for... more »

Pro Tools bugs

FIX "Low on Memory" and "Out of CPU" Errors NOT FIXED YET

I'm using PT 11 HD on a very expensive MAC PRO 12 Core D700 1TB 32GB HD OMNI
10.10.5 OSX and having memory error with over 16 GB of free memory. Less then 10 GB has been used at it throws the low on memory error.

I'm still getting CPU errors as well, even with my 12 Core processor, including random beach balls and hangs.
We already optimized everything and have a clean install, removed all but Kontakt and PLAY plugins,... more »

Pro Tools bugs

"Unable to stop" error with the Avid Video Engine

What is up with the Video Engine?? It's an absolutely disaster. If I'm working on my HDX system, Laptop... if I go to a post facility... no matter where... there's always a situation where the Video Engine is "unable to stop".. my system.. clients systems.. 3rd party systems...

It's the biggest blunder ever and is absolutely maddening and pretty embarrassing for a company that has an entire division for pro video.... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Avid Video Engine never loads with Pro Tools HD 11.0 or higher

I just installed Pro Tools 11 HD on my mid 2011 27" iMac 3.4GHz with 16 GB RAM running OS X 10.8.4. I am using an HD Native Thunderbolt interface connected to an Apogee Symphony IO. Although 10 HD works fine, when I try to load 11, I cannot load the video engine. When loading a session with video I get this error:

"The Video Engine must be enabled to work with video. Would you like to enable it now?"

When I click Yes,... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Heavy GUI lag on supported OS with PT 12.8.2 (R2)

- Install PT 12.8.2 R2 on macOS 10.12.6
- Open a session with a fair number of audio tracks (ex. 20, all with clips), or create a new session and add tracks/clips.
- Scroll around the edit window or the mix window. (Horizontal and Vertical)

>> Noticeable GUI lag, and some temporary GUI freezes. Unusable interface.

Temporary workarounds:

- Clean install macOS 10.12.6 and PT 12.8.2 R2 on new SSD >> Not effective, same... more »

Pro Tools bugs

CPU usage spikes to 100% for no reason

The CPU usage will spike to 100% for no reason, even when nothing is playing. There are sometimes "Pro Tools ran out of CPU power" messages. This also happens with all plug-ins removed from the plug-ins folder, as well as when there is no session open and the software is simply open.

Greatly increasing the buffer helps some, but this is an unacceptable solution, as it adds latency.

I spoke with Avid Pro Tools support... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Please fix CPU usage issue

The CPU utilization jumps to 100% for no reason, even without any tracks recorded. Please fix this. The problem happens on my system with an i9-7900X processor with 64GB RAM. This system is far more powerful than 99% of all PCs out there, yet Pro Tools will spike the CPU to 100% when low-latency is utilized.

This is unacceptable. I have used Pro Tools for decades, but this is not being fixed and it is becoming... more »