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Artist Series features

Get Rid of Transport

I could do without the transport section. I never use it and find the Pro Tools key commands faster. It eats up valuable real estate. I would rather either lose the right side of the console and move the buttons underneath the soft keys to make it smaller, or have four more faders on the right side for a total of eight.


Artist Series features

Modular Control System

A frame that can be populated with control modules such as a fader, knob, transport control, music keyboard, drum pad. Some modules would be square and take up a 1x1 space such as a single knob, some would take up a much larger space like a music keyboard. We all do different jobs and we all use ProTools for our own purposes. Some record, some mix and some master. Some people are sound designers and some are songwriters.... more »


Artist Series features

EuCon Settings interaction with Artist MC touch screen

In the EuCon Settings Softkeys tab: It would be great if that screen could be made active in functionality via a check box whereas selecting a button there was the same as selecting it on the Softkeys. You could leave the desired button pages open like a palette and click on it as you would the Artist touch screen to relegate a command. I.E., the surface keys could be showing a whole screen of commands, not just the 12... more »


Artist Series features

Fix EQ3 Plugin layout

The plugin layout for EQ3 is horrendous. Specifically having to switch between Q and frequency is ridiculous. I always need both of those controls at the same time. I would much rather have an extra page of parameters than have to switch to Q any time I need it. Custom plugin mapping would solve this problem as well but this seems pretty basic and is not a problem on any of the other avid control surfaces.


Artist Series features

MC Color balls - Surround panners?

I think the MC Color would be great as surround panners -


Think of it - could be simple to implement as there's no moving parts with the balls. Once you let go - the control sound is in position.. and when you touch the ball again - you could move it around accordingly. Might not be as dead-accurate as a Joystick - but would still be very usefull! :)

Artist Series features

MC Control Surround Panner and Digital Performer

Is it possible to have surround panner on MC control touch screen working with Digital Performer 7 and correct it with PT ? Surround seems to be a bit forsaken on Artist Series. See - Submitted by 619902583 1 year ago

Thank you


Artist Series features

Add group and master touch button

Hi, It should be very useful if AVID add more 2 touch button beside tracks and before soft keys and surround and setup...... I think Group like D-control, in this button the lcd screen should be display all groups present in the session and press for ex DRUMS all fader show up the tracks relative to DRUMS group, eccc. Another button should be MASTER and the lcd display shuold show the master as: audio track, midi track,... more »


Artist Series features

Transport Online with Eucon - Feature Request - Mimic the two states

Transport online has two states in Pro-tools... when it's waiting (the transport online button is flashing) and when Protools is locked and chasing (transport online is actively chasing).


If I assign 'transport online" to a button on my MC Transport.. the light is always solid, regardless of the state.


This should mimic the button in protools... either fully off, flashing, or solid when chasing is active.


Artist Series features

Automation Control from MC Control

On any Selected tracks the Automation control mode cannot be assigned via the touchscreen or Softkeys. You can select the Automation mode with a mouse but not with the menus on the MC Control. This bug need to be fixed once you start to use the MC Control you get use to it and it is an interuption to your workflow to have to grab the mouse or trackball to change the status of Automation. I would like to see this fixed... more »

Artist Series features

Input monitoring toggle

This was there on the Command 8. Now that even "vanilla" Pro Tools has is, and since it's there in the free PT Control iPad app, make it accessible via the Artist Series of controllers too. Put it next to the other soft buttons in track view - "Select", "Mute", "Record Arm", "Solo", and add "Input". This feature isn't even there in the soft keys.


Artist Series features

Artist transport: allow swapping shift and workstation button

Since the artist transport seems to be intended as a right handed device, it would make much more sense to have the shift key where the workstation key is. That way you could easily press the shift key with your thumb in combination with any other key. Right now you have to go through some plastic surgery first before you can use the transport single-handed in a convenient way. For now I m using it left-handed which has... more »

Artist Series features

VCA grougs for System5 and Fusion

Please add VCA-style groups to System5 and Fusion consoles. Group masters are great, but any channel can only be assigned to one master. VCA's (like in PT) allow faders to be assigned to more than one group. This is extremely helpful for bigger mix sessions and better overview. It is enough if the faders are linked in this case. Linked controls of eq, panning and so on like with group masters is not necessary. But the... more »