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Artist Series features

VCA grougs for System5 and Fusion

Please add VCA-style groups to System5 and Fusion consoles. Group masters are great, but any channel can only be assigned to one master.
VCA's (like in PT) allow faders to be assigned to more than one group. This is extremely helpful for bigger mix sessions and better overview.
It is enough if the faders are linked in this case. Linked controls of eq, panning and so on like with group masters is not necessary. But the... more »

Artist Series features

Eucon Control Panel alternative banking feature

This has to do with banking behavior.
In the Eucon App preference tab regarding the feature {"auto bank to selected track"}, if checked, means, when you selecting a track in Pro Tools that is not showing in the current Artist MC sate, it causes a "bank move" so that the selected track becomes positioned to the first fader of the Artist MC controller and so all following tracks are now in fader positions on the mixer... more »

Artist Series features

toggle 'preview' to 'suspend preview' and not 'preview off'

I wish the preview soft-key wouldn't switch between preview and preview off but instead between preview and suspend preview. So preview off is a separate soft-key not not the suspend preview.

Countless times I spend time to set a plugin and then hit preview unintentionally and there's no way back to what I just set.

So I wish the hotkey would not toggle to preview off but suspend preview and there was a new soft... more »

Artist Series features

Send controls flip to channel controls with the level AND pan

Push the AUX to access the sends, use the L & r buttons to select the send desired, push flip to place the selected send on the channel surface of the fader and the pan. As it is now, the fader controls the level but the pan is 7 or 8 controls away from the channel it controls.I can even do this with a MIDI keyboard already. it would seem to be an easy implementation.

Artist Series features

MIDI Software or Hardware for Artist Series

It would be awesome if someone makes an AAX/RTAS/Stand Alone Plugin/Software compatible with Novation Automap, or Mackie C4 Pro...
For Artist Series...
A programmable bridge plugin/software Between Artist Mix/control and Midi ports.

Similar to Mackie C4 Pro, but for Avid Artis controllers.

The idea is to control external midi hardware, like Yamaha PLG150-An, that only accepts SysEx...
I was thinking about purchasing... more »

Artist Series features

System 5 Track arming should match Pro Tools stems.

Punching into Pro Tools from the 403 does not correspond to track types on Pro Tools. If I have 3x 5.1 busses (stems) on the System 5 and matching 5.1 Stems on Pro Tools if I arm the first 5.1 stem on the 402 it arms all the tracks in Pro Tools. The 5.1 stem on S5 sends out 6 tracks of arming on P2 and the Protools sees each arm as 6 tracks so it arms all 3 5.1 tracks.

Artist Series features

Allow Artist Control and C24 / C|24 to be used simultaneously

The C|24 is a good overall controller despite some quirks. It would be even better if the Artist Control could be used at the same time (via an Ethernet switch). This would then allow for much better plug-in editing as well as surround panning. Please work on the software so that it can recognise, and use, both controllers simultaneously.

Artist Series features

Euconize D-Control Series

Sure I love using Protools for a lot of things, but I had to settle for the artist mix because like a lot of musicians, I also use other DAWs and jump back and forth... making the more robust, professional D surfaces non-practical in my studio.

If the D series is all ethernet - can a Eucon 'wrapper' be made so we can use these BETTER control surfaces with Logic and DP - or any other eucon supported DAW?

You'd sell... more »