Pro Tools bugs

Video Sync Offset Malfunctioning

Currently with video sync offset if you enter an offset in Milliseconds the actual offset only changes in a 40 ms intervals. In our system if I put in 61ms it produces an offset that is still out of sync by 20ms, if I enter 62ms then the sync jumps to -20 ms our of sync when measured. This is using the app catchin sync to measure.


Running 2018.4 with a AJA Kona LHi card.

Submitted by (@nruyle)

Pro Tools features

Bring back the SD2 to Wav feature

One of the key qualities of Pro Tools was always its solid professionalism with regards to past sessions. Where you'd need three+ plus different versions of, say, Logic to open an older session in a current version, Pro Tools would just give you a couple of pop-up options, make a WAV copy of the SD2 files and you'd be back in business. Unfortunately this wonderful feature ended with PT 10/11. I have a large archive of ...more »

Submitted by (@hmbuff)

Pro Tools bugs

Renaming Clip and Disk File

Please, Avid, I'm so tired of having to click OK in the dialog box when I'm renaming 384 files. In PT8 we could hold down the enter key and it would cycle each one. Please bring this back, or even the ability to "Option-Click OK to name all". We rename THOUSANDS of files per day, and this would make our workflow so much better (and so much quieter). To reproduce: Record hundreds of separate dialog files. Command-A ...more »

Submitted by (@guesthouseaudio)


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Pro Tools bugs

Audiosuite plugins losing CLIP BY CLIP setting on session reload in v2018

Audiosuite plugins that are set to CREATE INDIVIDUAL FILES and CLIP BY CLIP will lose the CLIP BY CLIP setting when the session is closed and reloaded. When the session reopens (some of) those plugins will be switched to ENITRE SELECTION. This is also true of templates built with audiosuite plugins loaded; creating a new session from a template results in those plugins losing their CLIP BY CLIP setting that was present ...more »

Submitted by (@maskeeper)


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Pro Tools features

MS processing, Mono Maker and Parallel processing natively on all plug-in instances

Would it not be great if every plugin inserts offered a native, standard way to switch to parallel processing? Pressing a button on the top and mixing in the effect? On stereo channels, it would be great to press a button to switch to M/S instead of L/R, even if the plugin did not have M/S. And along with that, a High Pass to cut things from the side channel and redirect more energy to the center channel (and a stereo ...more »

Submitted by (@andreiev)


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Pro Tools bugs

Confirmed bug; having undo history window open breaks Group Bin Keyboard focus

Anytime the Undo History window is open it breaks the group selection by keyboard functionality. IOW, I can enable keyboard focus to the group bin and enable/disable groups by pressing the group ID letter on the keyboard, BUT if the Undo History window is open anywhere on the screen, this functionality is broken!


Confirmed on other systems.


PT2018.4, MacOS10.12.6

Submitted by (@rich.b)


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Pro Tools features

Greater ease of use with Clip Based Processing and Audiosuite Rendering

I have been using clip-based EQ quite a lot recently, and am even considering replacing my current method of EQ automation when mixing dialogue tracks. However, this method severely slows me down when I have to go in and make changes to regions via audiosuite. I use a lot of audiosuite processing on clips via iZotope RX, and often have to go in and remove an extra click or pop well past the editing phase, and I have ...more »

Submitted by (@lanecrouse)


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Pro Tools features

Export poly wave

So Pro Tools can import field created poly broadcast wave films with time code and spot them to the timeline, with track names (I wish there was a batch way to do this but we'll ignore that for now) I just wish there was a way to easily export those tracks plus new ones, a mix say, as a multitrack poly broadcast wave file with timecode it would be so brilliant for what I often end up doing. Even a cheap Zoom F8 can create ...more »

Submitted by (@mickduffield)