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Pro Tools features

Current-Take-Number-Display-Window while (Quickpunch) recording

Instead of forcing me to scroll back to the last Take (while recording), adding +1 and telling my producer every new take number - i would like to have a optional "big take number window" which enables producers (one desk behind me as engineer) to read and notate the current take number in their script - without disturbing us each other per take. Seen in Sequoia, simple and useful.

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Pro Tools features

Make track numbers part of the track name for consolidation

It would be great if the "Track Number" option in the "View" menu could become part of the actual track name. Here's why:
Many of my projects change hands and DAWs during the various stages of production. Sometimes I record basic tracks in Pro Tools, the producer does overdubs in Cubase and so on. In these cases, I usually consolidate my Pro Tools tracks to pass the audio files on to the next user. I'm a friendly guy,... more »

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