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Pro Tools features

Pencil Tool stringing mode

When drawing a harp or any gliss, being able to click on the pencil in the midi editor or note view in midi track window and drag the pencil diagonally up or downwards to add a string of diagonal notes. Even nicer would be to set a logical chord related note filter type glissando thing during the process that would select only notes that belong in the string. But even without that you could just manually delete the notes... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Redraw waveform after using pencil tool

I have been using the pencil tool to remove unwanted clicks from a slap happy acoustic guitar player. It works far better than it should but the waveform does not redraw once I zoom back out. It makes it impossible to tell whether or not I actually edited an area without replaying that region. When zoomed in it works as expected but at some point while zooming out the peaks reappear even though they do not exist anymore.... more »
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Pro Tools | Control features

Auto Pencil Tool in Zoom

Option to automatically switch from whatever selected tool to Pencil Tool when zoomed in at sample level view, and return to previously select tool when zoomed back out. For Example, When jumping in and out of clicks you can be in smart tool say then chiclet #3 to magnified wave view at chicklet#5, draw out click, then chicklet back out to #3 to previous view and get back to smart tool. = nicer work flow.