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Pro Tools features

Add Avid MC support to Cloud Collaboration.

AAF and OMF are dead. Black Magic's purchase and integration of Fairlight into DaVinci Resolve is amazing. However you'll have to pry Pro Tools HD from my cold dead hands. Before I get that old (or dead) please consider this feature request. .. .

*Add Avid MC support to Cloud Collaboration.*

The goal would be for Avid MC and PT users to experience the same functionality that currently exist in Cloud Collaboration (for... more »
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Pro Tools features

Clip Gain & Clip Mute Export in Linked AAF

Clip Gain Export is only Possible if you Check "Enforce Media Composer Compatibility" (EMCC) in the export AAF/OMF window. This force you to use Copy Option "Consolidate from source media". If you uncheck "EMCC" then the "Link to source media" becomes available, but then Clip Gain will not be exported with the AAF.

I want to Export a Linked AAF with Clip Gain (plus the Automation) and Clip Mute. This because I want to... more »