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Pro Tools features

BASIC EDITING of 'frozen' clips - like Ableton Live

After using the 'track freeze function' I wanted to trim and duplicate a portion of 'frozen' audio, but Pro Tools 12.4 does not allow this.


It would be good to allow basic editable functions of frozen audio clips, like functionality found in Ableton Live 9 software. Using Ableton we can currently move; edit, cut, copy, paste and trim AFTER tracks have been frozen.

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Pro Tools features

Pro Tools 11 Update / El Capitan

The Step to AAX 64 Bit with Pro Tools 11 HD was very complex and expensive , and it is incomprehensible as a longtime customer that the 11 Software was canceled after a few months immediately...

It's an incredible behavior to provide customers with a moderately functioning HD11 in the Abonement without forcing a full product HD11 deliver

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