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Pro Tools features

Commit into New Playlist

I would like to see "Commit Into a New Playlist" option in commit options window. The feature is self explanatory, instead of committing the track into another track it goes automatically into new playlist on that track disabling all plugins automatically or leaving that to choice.
Volume and Pan commit would be automatically unabled when this option is chosen. And also to add the option to commit into a new playlist... more »
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Pro Tools features

Bounce To Disk: option to disable automatic "_1" in filename

When doing multiple bounce-to-disk operations from the same session, for instance when creating stems, I want to be in charge of changing the filename myself. Since I'm already going in and changing part of the filename (eg "_drums" to "_BVs"), I have no need for the automatic "_1" that Pro Tools wants to add every time. I'm currently about to start producing up to 7 stems per session from around 400 sessions, which will... more »
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Pro Tools features

Commit - Doesn't render audio tails beyond region or clip

This is so basic. Please allow Pro Tools an option in the commit box to render the audio tails for regions and clips beyond the selected commit clip or region. This way the committed clips will have plugin effects rendered properly such as reverb tails, delays, etc and not be cut off abruptly.

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Pro Tools features

Notification / Beep when finished rendering, bouncing, freezing etc

If I'm bouncing or freezing a large selection of tracks then the computer will be working away for ages. So I'l go off and do something else. Check emails, browse etc. It would be nice if Pro Tools gave an audible notification when its done its work. Otherwise I won't know its done and will lose valuable time as I get distracted with something else. Ideally you would have settings so that it the notification only kicked... more »
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Pro Tools features

Bounce Vocal Up / Down Versions in one go

It would be awesome to have a bounce workflow that allowed to print a number of version. A tick box in the bounce window possibly. Options would be eg. Vocal +1dB, Vocal -1dB, TV mix, Vocals only etc.


At the moment I use the trim plugin as the last plugin across the voc channel and set the value there for each bounce version.

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Pro Tools features

Progress indication for Pro Tools Dock icon

It would be helpful if the Pro Tools Dock icon on OS X would display a progress bar when PT is offline bouncing. That way a user can hide the app to focus on other tasks while PT may offlinebounce a 2 hour session with lots of tracks and plug-ins. This can take a little time and therefore it would be great if the icon would indicate the progress of the bounce process.

Many apps do provide such progress bar on their Dock... more »
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Pro Tools features

Bounce/Commit window displays bus sources

When carrying out a bounce or commit action the popup window could also display the bus sources selected. It would add confidence when doing a bounce or commit that the correct sources have been chosen and be a way for the user to make sure they are bouncing/commiting the right thing.

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Pro Tools features

Allow control-click "bounce..." to work on audio tracks

In protools 12.3 they added a feature where you can control click on a series of aux tracks and select "bounce..." This will open a window where you can do an offline bounce for the auxes selected. Much more useful would be too also allow this feature to work on audio tracks. When the bounce is complete, the audio could be laid right on the track, rather than making a new track. Which would also allowing for destructive... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Bounce to quicktime with external word sync & input monitor results in errors

Pro Tools HD 12.7.0 Audio interface is Komplete Audio 6 .

The interface is locked to External S/pdif input . Works fine totally solid. I have that same S/pdif input pair assigned to an AUX track that is routed directly to my Stereo monitor output. When I bounce to quicktime the resultant movie audio track has digital errors all the way through the program material making it un-usable.

As per page 480 in the reference... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Pro Tools 12 HD offline bounce bug

Offline bouncing a stereo file in Pro Tools HD 12.4 and 12.5 (not tested with earlier versions) results reproducibly the size of bounced left channel to be same than the source channel of the bounce, but right bounced channel is a bit larger (reported by Finder). Same happens with 5.1 files - the size of bounced left channel is the same than the original, all the other five are a bit larger.

Pro Tools sees the bounced... more »