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Pro Tools features

Better Big Counter

I'm sure I brought this up years ago..

The Big counter could use an overhaul.

I'd love a mode where bars and beats didn't have all the junk beyond the bar and beats. It's so fast that it's useless 100% of the time.

Usually if we're recording orchestra - that window is dragged off to the right out of bounds to physically cutoff that junk so the conductor only sees the bars and beats. This has been the case at... more »
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Pro Tools features

Hours:Minutes:Seconds option on Counter

Very simple request that hopefully can be easily implemented in Pro Tools 11 and up.

I would like the option for the counter to show instead of would still be an option of course. This would just add a option. A toggle option in the Pro Tool preferences would also be acceptable. Most other DAWs already have this option.

hrs:min:secs VS min:secs is just a personal... more »