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Pro Tools features

MIDI Chord Quantize

When I record a MIDI piano, Rhodes or similar, playing chords which I want to keep sounding natural, I usually don't use quantize, unless I want that unnaturally tight sound. I would love to have Pro Tools recognize chords from single notes (maybe with a special 'Chord Quantize' feature), and leave the relationship between the chrod notes intact (timing wise). Soft-quantize the whole chord towards the grid! As it is now,... more »
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Pro Tools features

''Chords'' and ''Markers'' in the big counter

Will be great for musicians and producers to see the chords in the big counter, specially in recording session situations. I've seen this option in old softwares of big mix consoles.

Important: An option for MIDI chord recognition, and send them directly to the chord rule. AVID Sibelius is the best example for this option.

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Pro Tools | Control features

Need chords in charts! Score Editor!

I just spent two very long and tedious hours of my life inserting chords on the chords line of my session in PT 12. How stupid that I could not just copy and paste the repeating chords from one verse to the next, etc. Also, I could not copy and paste a single chord, or write it in manually. I had to click on the chords insert arrow, turn to my second screen because I could not move the dialog box to the screen directly... more »
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Pro Tools features

Transposable Chords-Ruler and 'Sibelius-style' Chords Input

The transpose function in 'Event Operations' does not work on the Chord Symbols in the chords-ruler. So when you transpose a song, you have to delete all the chords in the ruler and input them again in the new key.

Also: the Chord Input-System is very unpractical - Sibelius has an amazing Chord-Symbol-Input System, which would be great to have in ProTools.