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Pro Tools features

Current-Take-Number-Display-Window while (Quickpunch) recording

Instead of forcing me to scroll back to the last Take (while recording), adding +1 and telling my producer every new take number - i would like to have a optional "big take number window" which enables producers (one desk behind me as engineer) to read and notate the current take number in their script - without disturbing us each other per take. Seen in Sequoia, simple and useful.

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Pro Tools features

Write-to-Current in Stop, but take the End Value for the Selection until Start

During stop, after automation has been written or when editing automation, it is possible with Write-to-Current and a selection made, to assign the value at the start of the selection to be written over the whole selection.
I often find myself wishing to write the value at the end of the selection to be written to the whole selection.
The shortcut could be (Win) : Ctrl + Start + / (numpad).
(Yes, during an automation... more »