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Eleven MKII Integrated Guitar Studio Environment

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It is my position that Eleven MKII would be better if Avid would have included an integrated environment that allowed you to easily setup complete guitar tones in one environment. As it stands now, you have to use several inserts to setup a guitar tone with effects before/after the amp.

Since we already have the Eleven Rack Editor, remove all the stuff that is dependent on the hardware, and package all the Eleven Effects... more »

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Eleven Rack features

Eleven Rack standalone editor issues of compatibility (64 or 32 bits)

I wish that the 11 rack standalone editor is working on the 32bit, as i have windows 7 32bit which is full of studio programs and data, windows conversion is not easy task and a risk for data and software's installed.


As am an IT expert who is specialized in computer software programming since 15 years and i do it for living...

I was wondering why we have this main concern (Software compatibility on 64bit or... more »

Opertaing System(s) Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10