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Pro Tools | Control features

Drag&Drop + Copy&Paste of SoftKeys For Quick Rearrangement in EuControl

It takes a lot of time setting up SoftKeys. Especially because one can only edit them one at a time.

When I want to adjust the layout of SoftKeys to fit my workflow better, I need to delete a SoftKey and in that place, set up a completely new key from scratch. But the key I'm looking for is there, just on another page. I cannot copy and paste it, which would save me a lot of time. I need to create it from scratch.

Also,... more »
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Pro Tools | Control features

Search and Filter for Commands in EuControl

It takes a lot of time setting up SoftKeys. It would be nice if this time-consuming process could be made simpler and faster.

For example, EuCon is very powerful and covers probably hundreds of features. Instead of having to know where a function is in the menu hierarchy, a find as you type would be great!

This way, you don't have to search through all the menus, just type a word and the list filters by this word and... more »
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Pro Tools | Control features

Save Multiple Configurations (User Profiles) in EuControl and Switch Between Them Implemented

EuControl just sees one configuration. When you open a program like Pro Tools or Nuendo, EuControl just sees this software and any adjustment you do to the configuration gets saved under the application's name. Nuendo is then Nuendo.xml or something.

But what if I have 2 different types of work and I'd like to adjust my layout for Nuendo? Or there are 2 users using Nuendo on this machine and each of them would like to... more »
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Pro Tools | Control features

Multi-Selection of SoftKeys For Editing And Re-arranging In EuControl

Sometimes you just want to delete a whole bund of SoftKeys, or move them somewhere else. It would be great if one could select more than one SoftKey and then drag and drop it somewhere or at least delete them all in one go and not having to select each one of them one by one and clicking "Clear".

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Pro Tools | Control features

EuCon Softkey Programming - Copy/Paste Button Attributes

When programming soft keys in EuControl, please add a copy/paste option that will copy/paste all button attributes, including commands, label, icon, color, etc. When recreating existing buttons on User Pages, it is very time consuming and tedious to try to recreate the look and feel of buttons that are pre-programmed on other pages.

For example, when recreating the Previous Playlist and Next Playlist buttons on a... more »
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Artist Series features

Swap Solo/On buttons of Artist Mix via EuControl preference

For all users of Artist Mix consoles - I know Euphonics came from broadcast market, where ON is commonly used instead of MUTE, but Pro Tools is rather post-production tool than broadcast. And we rather use MUTE than ON 😀
I thought it would be great if functions of Solo and On buttons can be swapped by preference setting of EuControl (because I suspect LED colors are not controllable in such small consoles).... more »
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S3 features

nested VCA spill workflow improvements

When using a VCA within a VCA, it would be great if the behaviour followed the parent/child nesting model.
For example. In my main drum VCA, I have sub VCA's for snare, kick, close mics, far mics etc. I add the sub VCA's to the main drum VCA so that when I spill the main drum VCA, I have my sub-groups all laid out. When I enter a sub group to edit, and then return (double clicking select on far right fader) it takes me... more »
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Pro Tools | Control features

EQ Cycling - in Channel view Selected

When having multiple eq on a tracks, it is a pain to use the Pro Tools Control app (here on a Pro tools Dock) as we have to use the Insert page to access other Eq.

Not only the Insert view doesn't give a direct access to the Eq, but its mapping is different from the EQ page, and often inconsistent.


Please give us the ability to cycle between different EQ inserts from the EQ page.

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Pro Tools | Control bugs

Eucon soft key - Clip menu - Renames Clips

In Pro Tools when I double click a clip (group or audio) in the timeline I see the "Name" dialogue box pop up, then I type the name and hit enter .. works fine as expected.

In the Pro Tools Control application, I'm trying to automate a task and part of it is renaming a clip in the timeline. So instead of double clicking the clip I'd like to add a Eucon shortcut that will pop up the "Name" dialogue box. However when I... more »
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Pro Tools | Dock bugs

Dock hardware becomes unresponsive if network fails

If the router supplying EuCon connectivity to the Dock becomes unavailable (crashes) the Dock hardware becomes unresponsive. It does show up in the EuControl Surfaces tab but nothing on the Dock works, not even the power switch. I have to pull the power supply from the wall in order for the Dock to recover and operate normally. Ideally the Dock hardware would survive the router crashing or network becoming otherwise unavailable.... more »