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Pro Tools bugs

CPU usage spikes to 100% for no reason

The CPU usage will spike to 100% for no reason, even when nothing is playing. There are sometimes "Pro Tools ran out of CPU power" messages. This also happens with all plug-ins removed from the plug-ins folder, as well as when there is no session open and the software is simply open.

Greatly increasing the buffer helps some, but this is an unacceptable solution, as it adds latency.

I spoke with Avid Pro Tools support... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Please fix CPU usage issue

The CPU utilization jumps to 100% for no reason, even without any tracks recorded. Please fix this. The problem happens on my system with an i9-7900X processor with 64GB RAM. This system is far more powerful than 99% of all PCs out there, yet Pro Tools will spike the CPU to 100% when low-latency is utilized.

This is unacceptable. I have used Pro Tools for decades, but this is not being fixed and it is becoming... more »
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Fix Application Manager Draining System Resources

>100 Threads
>250 MB RAM
30-40% CPU usage on a 2.6GHz i7

That's a pretty typical usage I'm seeing from a combination of the 'AvidApplicationManager' and 'AvidAppManHelper' processes on macOS 10.12.4, which by default are always running!

Furthermore, the app manager is also causing huge slowdown on system startup, sometimes immobilizing it for up to 10 minutes.

These are way more resources than any update manager should... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Extremely high CPU usage with Lynx TB or AES16e hardware on Windows

All Pro Tools versions including and after 12.5 have shown an extremely high processor usage for a Windows computer using Lynx AES 16e interface cards or Lynx Thunderbolt interfaces. This behavior exists prior to opening a project, and at all buffer settings. Windows resource monitor indicates 100% CPU usage of the first thread, and normal 0 - 5% usage of all other threads. The Lynx cards works with other DAW softwares... more »