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Pro Tools features

Track height - lock

It would be great to be able to lock track height or a group track height. I know one can make memory location to set and retrieve various track heights - however this would be faster.... particularly in post production editing and mixing movie soundtracks, when there can be hundreds of tracks, it would be helpful to lock track heights to a small size and still be able to see them on the screen but keep them small while... more »
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Artist Series bugs

Eucon 3.5 artist lock doesn't work properly

Using 1 transport and 2 artists. If I lock the artists to an application, it locks the transport as well. When I deselect the transport I can use it in another application, but eucontrol doesn't remember it being deselected. So after a reboot I have to deselect the transport again when using the same app I have locked the artists to. It remembers all or nothing.