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Pro Tools features


Please add a master section to PT with:

Stem Monitoring (a la DFC and like Neyrinck Vmon)

Speaker Solo and cuts

Talkback monitor diming when tb inout is active

Auto talkback, so that TB is active when transport not running

Latched and momentary TB

Down mixing with user selectable parameters (surround, Stereo & Mono)

Metering outputs - so you can have metering following monitoring

Dim and Cut

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Pro Tools | Control features

Ofiicial Monitor Controller for Pro Tools HD / Native

Current Monitor Controllers effect the signal too much.


Pro Tools HD / Native needs remote (wired) a Monitor Controller to set the output level of the Main Outs (1-2). This way you can place your noisey hardware in another room (noise room) and have the controller set the output level "without" any audio compromise.

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Pro Tools features

20 Plugins Per Track

Advantages of Having the option to 20 Inserts Slot:

- The user is able to space out their plugins into sections
- More opportunity to A/B different plugins within the chain
- Sound Designers have more flexibility
- Mix down without need to convert to Audio Track
- All plugins stay within the same section
- No need to Daisy-Chain which saves Bus's
- Saves CPU power because Buses dont need to be used
- Save Time due to... more »