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Pro Tools features

Allow Midi Omni as Midi Output (MPE Roli Linnstrument Compatibility)

Currently, you can only select an individual channel when choosing a midi output on a midi track. Other DAW software I've used also allows the selection of Midi Onmi to a midi output. What this means is that any midi channel can be transmitted to a midi device or virtual instrument on a single track.

The reason I am suggesting this feature is primarily to allow much easier integration with new multi-channel (MPE) midi... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Audition path does not work with alt monitor button on Omni IO

This is a bug when using Pro Tools 12.4 with an Omni IO.
The Audition path ( in Setup > IO Setup > Output ) is set to the designated monitor output.
When toggling the 'alt' button on the front panel of the Omni IO whilst in the import audio dialog window, the auditioned audio will remain being sent to the Main speakers connected to physical output 1 and 2 in stead of the Alt speakers, in my case connected to output 7... more »