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Pro Tools features

Simultaneously edit main and alternate playlists at once

There should be an option to simultaneously edit the main playlists AND alternate playlists together without having to open the tracks playtlist view and select all the lanes one by one.

i.e: you decide to remove 8 bars from a song using the All group and shuffle mode. But many tracks do have alternate playlists if you mistakenly edit without selecting all and every alt playlist in every track, things can get complicated.... more »
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Pro Tools features

Automation Playlists

It'd be great to have playlists for automation. I'm a composer who frequently mixes music to Voiceover. I'll often do final automation tweaks on the master music bus. I then have to find a way to bypass or change those automation tweaks if the client wants the music without VO for another purpose. If there were automation playlists, I could recall different automation needs within the same session without having to... more »
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Pro Tools features

Playlists Follow Edit

As a post production mixer working in Film / TV and Radio - one of the most needed and often discussed features among my fellow engineers is a toggle feature that allows playlists to follow edits.

This essentially would allow all playlists below the main track to follow the edits of the main track.

Main uses for this are: re-conforming whole sessions in post to picture i.e. moving an entire mix by a few seconds or... more »
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Pro Tools features

Allow "Delete Unused" playlists feature to be specific to the selected track

Currently, the "Delete Unused" playlists feature shows you a list of every unused playlist for every track. When there are many tracks with multiple playlists, it is often time-consuming to manually distinguish and select between the unused playlists for the current track and others.

It would be helpful if there was a way to filter the list to show only the unused playlists for the currently-selected track(s). An alternative... more »
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Pro Tools features

Mirrored Playlist Editing

It would be efficient to have a way to choose mirrored playlist editing in the same fashion as mirrored Midi editing.
Especially when performing cut time or add time commands. A simple checkbox would suffice.
When moving sections of a song around this is a workflow killer.
For example. If you decide to copy and past a chorus to double it or remove an instrumental section, you need to be able to have the playlists follow.... more »
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Pro Tools features

Comments Box on Playlists (including shortcut to create comment automatically next to wav form

So when doing playlist recordings... we all know that comping can be a pain especially on a large scale.. so If you have notes shortcut key that generates automatically next to the recorded wav.. Comping would be a dream jumping into playlist view on a channel.. it comes up with all your playlists and notes next to each one about what you likes about each.. could be a good way of speeding up the monotonous task of listening... more »
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Pro Tools features

Master Comp Playlist enhancement + Shortcut for Audio to Master Comp Playlist

It woud be amazing to have the ability to configure a Playlist as a master comp playlist. So when browsing through the different playlists you could paste audio on it without having to have it visible.

If you have open all the playlists of a track, you can select a portion of audio of any of them and paste it in the playlist you have visible at the top. But, now since PT 12.7, you can navigate through the different... more »