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Pro Tools features

Plugin Groups

Plugin groups would be just like mix and edit groups. there could be 2 different types of plugin groups. control groups that link parameters so that when you change a parameter, it changes globally on all plugins in that group that are the same plugin. the other would be bypass groups which you could link any plugin to the group and bypass all the plugins in the group globally.

i have a lot of tracks that are doubled... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11

Pro Tools features

Move Protools Plugin Folder

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I want the ability to tell Protools where to go look for my AAX plugins (or any other plugins). Currently, you have to store all plugins on the C: drive. I use the C: drive of a Windows box for my operating system only. I have a D: drive for all my applications, sound files and plugins, and I have an E: drive for my Protools project files and song ideas. The C drive is a standard mechanical drive, and the D & E drives... more »

Opertaing System(s) Windows 7

Pro Tools features

20 Plugins Per Track

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Advantages of Having the option to 20 Inserts Slot:

- The user is able to space out their plugins into sections
- More opportunity to A/B different plugins within the chain
- Sound Designers have more flexibility
- Mix down without need to convert to Audio Track
- All plugins stay within the same section
- No need to Daisy-Chain which saves Bus's
- Saves CPU power because Buses dont need to be used
- Save Time due to... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.11, Windows 10

Pro Tools features

Reset all Gain Reduction Values of multiple Plug-ins by Alt-Clicking (or Alt-Shift-Clicking) one Gain Reduction Value

With multiple dynamic plug-ins (compressors, limiters) , that store the highest reduction/attenuation :
Alt-Clicking one gain reduction or attenuation value in one plug-in will also reset the values in all other plug-ins, wether open and visible or not.
Alt-Shift-Clicking one gain reduction or attenuation value in one plug-in will also reset the values in all currently open plug-ins.
Plus an option to include the reset... more »

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Pro Tools features

Show/Hide Option for Plugin menus.

Half of my plug-ins have expired, however they still appear in the Audiosuite and Insert menus. With the recent craze of Pro Tools 12 and the whole "rent-a-plugin", Pro Tools is no longer asking nor moving the plug-ins without a valid licence to the unused folder. (I can understand and assume why of this behaviour because of the rent feature), but a) I don't want to see the expired plugins still showing as It is really... more »

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Pro Tools features

Plugin and Automation "Playlists"

An additional "playlist" style option for each track that would let you recall plugin chains and automation sets.


This way instead of importing session data from previous mix revisions in order to undo silly client requests while still keeping all other mix revision changes you could just jump back to an other playlist of automation and plugins assignments/settings for each track individually.

Opertaing System(s) macOS 10.12

Pro Tools features

Command+W shortcut to close active plugin window

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Currently if you have any "extra" windows open (Plugins, Markers, System Usage, etc) you can press Ctrl+Opt+Cmd+W to close ALL extra windows. Cmd+W only closes the Edit and Mixer windows. But while you're tweaking a plugin's parameters, THAT window is active instead (Edit & Mixer window buttons are greyed out) so Cmd+W should just close THAT plugin's window, rather than the Edit window, shouldn't it?

If you open a... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.9

Pro Tools features

Move/Copy Plug-in in-between' two contiguous Plug-ins

It would be great if you could move or copy a plug-in in-between two contiguous plug-ins.

At present, we only have the option to replace one of the plug-ins and it is time-consuming dragging plug-ins down first to create a empty insert slot.

When hovering in-between two plug-ins a highlighted line should inform the user the dragged plug-in will be inserted in-between these plug-ins.

Opertaing System(s) macOS 10.12, n/a

Pro Tools features

Efficient, instantaneous A-B plugin comparisons

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Say you want to compare 2 compressor plugins on 1 track. Right now you have to bypass one, then un-bypass the other, so there's a gap in the comparison. It's A-C-B, not truly A-B. Or, you have to duplicate the track and put one comp on one and the other comp on the other; mute one track; put the 2 tracks in a mix group; click either mute to toggle which track is muted. Once you've made your choice, ungroup and delete... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.11