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Pro Tools features

M/S Matrix Option within Multi-Mono Plug-in Header

I utilise multi-mono instantiations of plug-ins all the time and think it is a great feature for individual L/R processing.However, the ability to process the mid and sides separately would be such a game changer! I know we could insert a M/S matrix plug-in before and after a multi-mono plug-in but that is three inserts!
An option in the multi-mono plug-in header to switch to M/S mode, where of course the L channel would... more »

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Pro Tools features

Audiosuite EuCon Commands / Shortcut for Auditon, Render, etc. Buttons

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It would be great to have EuCon commands for common audio suite buttons such as Render, Bypass, Audition, Whole File / handle amount Listen, Send etc...

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, Windows 7, Windows 8, n/a

Pro Tools features

"Pre-Tape" Plugin Inserts

A plugin insert section on an audio track that commits any processing while recording.

Currently, the only way to commit processing while tracking in protools in to have the audio come in on an auxiliary track, apply eq, compression, etc, and then bus it to an audio track to be recorded. This takes up space in the box and is a hassle that can sometimes cause confusion in the middle of a hectic recording session.

This... more »

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