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Pro Tools features

Make the Ruler a Special Track.

I have long advocated for making the Ruler a Track. If it were a track it could enjoy all the benefits of playlists. Ruler Playlists would solve many of the wishes I have seen users ask for regarding the ruler. For example, when editing a song, markers become irrelevant to their original intent. With Ruler Playlists, a duplicate of the origin ruler could be made and the newly created Ruler Playlist could be named for,... more »
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Pro Tools features

Extra (and bigger than normal memory locations) ruler for songstructure

I really like the look and size of the Logic markers or marker ruler (faster and better to see). I would love to have a ruler just for Songstructure with no effect on the standard markers. custom size, custom colors and the ability to "jump" to those markers.

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Pro Tools features

Clearer Beat Ruler for Compound Time Signatures

My understanding of compound time signatures is that they're distinct from others because they group notes into 3s (e.g. 12/8 differs mainly from 6/4 because it contains 4 groups of 3 notes, rather than 3 groups of 2; same with 6/8 vs 3/4, etc.).

The Pro Tools rulers don't seem to reflect that. Instead, for 6/8, 9/8, 12/8, etc., the dividing lines still group quarter notes into 2s or 4s, putting the emphasis on different... more »
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Pro Tools features

Transposable Chords-Ruler and 'Sibelius-style' Chords Input

The transpose function in 'Event Operations' does not work on the Chord Symbols in the chords-ruler. So when you transpose a song, you have to delete all the chords in the ruler and input them again in the new key.

Also: the Chord Input-System is very unpractical - Sibelius has an amazing Chord-Symbol-Input System, which would be great to have in ProTools.