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Pro Tools features

Select Clips by Color

Select Clips by Color will really help to extent your workflow.

- When recording dialogue/Foley/Soundscapes and selecting the best takes.

- Preparing ADR & Foley tracks

- Export different stems all over your session.

- And way more options


And to finish this idea, Make the colors available for Apple Script or Something else programmable.


Thanks AVID!

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Pro Tools features

Bounce Vocal Up / Down Versions in one go

It would be awesome to have a bounce workflow that allowed to print a number of version. A tick box in the bounce window possibly. Options would be eg. Vocal +1dB, Vocal -1dB, TV mix, Vocals only etc.


At the moment I use the trim plugin as the last plugin across the voc channel and set the value there for each bounce version.

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Pro Tools features

Allow control-click "bounce..." to work on audio tracks

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In protools 12.3 they added a feature where you can control click on a series of aux tracks and select "bounce..." This will open a window where you can do an offline bounce for the auxes selected. Much more useful would be too also allow this feature to work on audio tracks. When the bounce is complete, the audio could be laid right on the track, rather than making a new track. Which would also allowing for destructive... more »

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