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Pro Tools bugs

GPU issues with Pro Tools 12.4HD on OS X 10.9.5

After many years with Pro Tools HD, this is the first time it has been necessary to use a graphic tool application to make Pro Tools flow.
When I use Apple Quartz Debug and deactivate "beam sync" then it works fine.
Autotune 8.1 in audiosuite is nearly impossible,if not for the Quartz Debug utility.
I think i am one of many customers with graphics issues in PT 12.x But the more we make complaints, the better chances... more »
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Pro Tools features

Warning when video frame rate does not match video reference speed

If the following three conditions are met:

1. The user has their system configured to use a SYNC | HD
as the loop sync master.
2. The SYNC | HD is locked to an external video reference.
3. The user imports a video whose frame rate does not match
the speed of the external video reference from step 2.

Then display a warning that effectively says "The frame rate of the video you have imported does not... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Bounce to quicktime with external word sync & input monitor results in errors

Pro Tools HD 12.7.0 Audio interface is Komplete Audio 6 .

The interface is locked to External S/pdif input . Works fine totally solid. I have that same S/pdif input pair assigned to an AUX track that is routed directly to my Stereo monitor output. When I bounce to quicktime the resultant movie audio track has digital errors all the way through the program material making it un-usable.

As per page 480 in the reference... more »
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Pro Tools features

Global Sync Points for Post Production

I was thinking that it might be nice for you to be able to select a any range in your project and use them as a whole (or everything in your project from point a to b), then create a global sync point anywhere within that range, to be able to re-sync video and audio together without having disparate elements falling out of sync.

Say you could create a special sync point right where a door slams, and then everything... more »