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Pro Tools features

Fix RTAS Grey Space on 3rd Party Plugins

*Correction - This IS in fact an RTAS problem. If you look at the pictures below you will notice that the space is there because of the Pro Tools border on top. This is a poor design which should be smart enough to resize itself to the plugin at hand. Instead it dominates by adding that horrible looking greyspace and taking up very valuable screen real estate.

As you can see there is a bunch of blank space to right of... more »

Pro Tools features

Pro Tools 12 HD with Melodyne and VocAlign Full Integration

It would be one of the best features if Pro Tools could integrate with Melodyne and VocAlign in a way that makes them start analyzing whenever we start recording so that as soon as we finish that take it becomes available on the same wave screen but below the audio and in a way that makes pro tools start having Melodyne or VocAlign on the fly, whenever we need to tune or align something during the record process, sometimes... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11, OS X 10.9, Windows 10

Pro Tools bugs

Pro Tools Stock Plugin Dynamic 3 Compressor and Gate UI Sluggish

During audio playback and plugin mixing only with no other plugins inserted but just Avid's Dynamic 3 Compessor or Gate and the plugin window is open and on screen and mixing with the plugin the whole UI get really sluggish and lags but the audio is not delayed (similar to the El Capitan GUI lagginess before 12.5) but when I move the plugin window to the side almost out of sight the lag and sluggishness is completely... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.11

Pro Tools features

General Midi Editing update

It would be amazing to see some helpful composer tools added to Protools.. Much like Cubase.. Expression mapping would be great. Also Parabolic Midi curves rather than having to do it with a straight line etc.. Also - Some view options to see only tracks with regions on them i a selected area. I am sure there are plenty more. Just look at cubase and copy them.. That would be awesome :)

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.10

Pro Tools features

Edit View Separator Track / Space

I would love to be able to see more visual separation of sections of my mix in the edit view window.

I often find myself putting in extra tracks to act as separators between elements in my mix.

If I could insert a dedicated 'separator' track - that looked unique in some way - it would work well as a quick visual reference for navigating my way around the more complex mixes.

Even just the ability to add empty space... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.11, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.9, n/a, OS X 10.8, OS X 10.7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, OS X 10.6

Pro Tools features

Rescan plugins ONLY when necessary.

I think that Pro Tools would start up much faster if it didn't have to scan all the plugins every time it starts up. it is very time consuming. Please, make it stop! Create a short cut key that rescans when we ask or something like that. Waves does this and LogicX does too.

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11, Windows 10, macOS 10.12


Pro Tools Dock Automation workflow change.

The automation mode selected from the "fixed" automation mode buttons (to the right of the fader) should change the Auto Mode of the ATTENTIONED track without having to press the "Select" button. This is MUCH more intuitive & saves an extra button click.

Additionally, for auto modes, this should be a simple "click", and not a "click & hold". There's very little chance that an errant click is going to "accidentally" change... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11, OS X 10.9, Windows 10, Windows 8

Pro Tools features

Play from Left Edit Window Edge Command

I would love to have a key command to start playback from the left window edge in the Edit Window. It's a feature found on Logic, and I remember having used it extensively back in my Logic days...

It is just so convenient, because I find myself often working on a specific section, zoomed in in the Edit Window. I know there's commands to play form the cursor, or Pre-Roll or to the edit cursor etc. but it would be great... more »

Opertaing System(s) n/a

Pro Tools bugs

Can't raise the roof no more...

Ok, that one might need a bit of explanation...

When in an Automation Lane in the Edit Window, grabbing a line between two nodes works as expected. You move that (flat) line up or down. But we used to be able to grab the line between two nodes with the key modifiers option-shift, and conveniently, the Automation would ramp up and/or down from the previous or next adjacent nodes, creating something like a roof with the... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.11


Quickly translate the documentation into other languages than English.

Quickly translate the documentation into other languages than English. The translation of Avid are quality, but it's really too long now. We buy a multilingual software. Documentation must be multilingual and updated, as in Steinberg competitors Presonus. Magix. For example, new features in version 12 (.1, .2, .3, .4) are not translated.

One also notes: often translated documents (in the case of pro tools 11) refer to... more »

Opertaing System(s) n/a

Pro Tools bugs

Pro Tools 12 HD offline bounce bug

Offline bouncing a stereo file in Pro Tools HD 12.4 and 12.5 results reproducibly the size of bounced left channel to be same than the source channel of the bounce, but right bounced channel to be a bit larger (reported by Finder). Same happens with 5.1 files - the size of bounced left channel is the same than the original, all the other five ones are a bit larger.

Pro Tools sees the bounced files as same size, importing... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.11, OS X 10.10

Pro Tools features

Option to Link Edit Tools between Edit Window and MIDI Window

I do a lot of editing where I'm jumping back and forth between the regular edit window and the MIDI window. I'm constantly undoing an edit because I forget that the tool I was using in one window is not the one I was using in another. Very frustrating. Please add a setting that would give us the option to Link those tools so when you make a tool change in one window, it changes it globally.

Opertaing System(s) Windows 10

Pro Tools features

Input Monitoring in the I/O Window and better support of Aggregate Devices

This idea is related to the I/O Window. At the moment in pro tools there are a number of issues with Aggregate devices. Often when using multiple audio interfaces in OS X 10.11 the I/O doesn't match with the devices in the I/O window. This can make determining which input is which incredibly difficult.

My suggested solution is two fold.

One - make it so that aggregate device I/O and the I/O correlate with input names... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.11