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Pro Tools bugs

Match Tracks issue on import of 23.976 OMF's from FCP 7

In a nutshell: OMF's originating as 23.976 from Final Cut Pro 7 are seen in Pro Tools' Import Session Data window as 24 frame metadata. Importing a single OMF into a Pro Tools session that is set to 23.976 seems to work just fine. BUT! if the OMF comes in 2 contiguous parts and the Match Tracks feature is employed in the Import Session Data window in overlay mode, the second part of the timeline (the new material) does... more »
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Pro Tools features

Commit Tracks on aux track improvement

When committing aux tracks you often get a lot of silent clips. Committed clips is created even if no audio is sent to the aux track.

In the what's new in Pro Tools 12.3 document it says:
"Committed Auxiliary Input tracks reference the clip boundaries from audio tracks routed to the input of the Auxiliary Input track and preserve them whenever possible."

This is not very useful in large session where you can end up... more »
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Pro Tools features

Import Session Data "Match Tracks"- option to match based on waveforms instead of track names

It is my understanding that the match tracks function currently only looks at track names (correct me if I'm wrong).

There are times when tracks get renamed in a newer version of the session, but the waveforms stay the same. The match tracks function no longer works in cases like this.

This is very common, especially when creating a BWAV ADM from a .atmos file. When you create a PT session from a BWAV ADM, it gives... more »
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Pro Tools features

Import Session Data: Track Names as an option when Matching Tracks

For film and TV: If I send a session from a template to an editor (or several), who does some work and changes track names to something helpfully descriptive (Cars 1-4, Rain 1-8, etc.), I'd like to be able to match tracks back into my master session, and include their changed track names as well as the clips.

As it currently works, matching tracks and importing gives you of course plenty of options, but updating the... more »
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Pro Tools features

Add an INPUT MONITORING BUTTON to instrument tracks

I would like to see Instrument tracks have an ' input monitoring button ' ..., the same as Audio Tracks do.

Many people actually rehearse their gig ....,
- trigger samples to tempo maps etc running in pro tools,,
- or others who like JAM along via Pro Tools on a Macbook Pro's etc with a decent low latency Interface hooked up to their rehearsal room P.A's , and once in a blue moon they may actually record with it.... more »
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Pro Tools features

Unlimited Instrument Tracks

Please allow for unlimited instrument and MIDI tracks in all versions of Pro Tools. For composers running enormous Vienna Ensemble Pro templates this is essential. Avid would be crazy to not allow for this — I'm sure many others like me would prefer to not have to jump ship for Cubase or other DAWs that don't impose arbitrary track limits.

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Pro Tools features

Input/Recording Tracks

Since there is yearly payment needed to use an actual Pro Tools Version, the systematic disadvantages (Input Recording Tracks) for users of non-Avid hardware is no longer acceptable ... Give us more simultaneous input Tracks for PT & PT HD


Please vote up for this basic DAW feature




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Pro Tools bugs

Laggy Meters in PT 12.5.0 when you open certain plugins & move parameters

This might also be a message to pass onto all 3rd party plugin developers as well as the Avid plugin developers.


Some plugins cause PT 12.5.0 Meters to lag while you move the parameters (or even the mouse when the plugin is open).


My setup: 12 processor 3.46Ghz Mac Pro Mid 2010, OSX latest El Capitan, 128GB RAM, PT 12.5.0 HDX.



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Pro Tools features

Hide / Show Tracks, Aux, VCAs, Masters with a click in Mix Window

I mix some bands that use a complete classical orchestra plus drums, guitars,keyboards, etc... They give me up to 250 tracks to mix, that added to my own tracks for auxiliars, submixes, VCAs, masters, etc make my sessions to reach sometimes the 300 tracks in a mix. Thanks ProTools 12, the number of voices will never be a problem again. But navigating though that amount of tracks is more than a pain.

Logic Audio has the... more »