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Pro Tools features

Horizontal markers !

Cubase to add one or more additional rules at any level of the editing window. For example, between the tracks of different types. This function is very useful to divide clearly floors all tracks. However, Avid could innovate with another way: simply invent horizontal markers! These markers, placed between the tracks or track groups, etc., would help the general division and would be really great.

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Pro Tools features


I'm new to Pro Tools and I am currently building an orchestral template. I would like to group my tracks together such as pianos as one group or strings as another but the template could end up being very large so hence it would be nice to collapse these groups with a single action or button or shortcut but still have a single track of them. One track that has multiple tracks in it and subtracks in those. That way i could... more »
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Pro Tools features

Right click on Track gives option to add or remove it from group

Right click on the track name. The resulting menu gives you the option of add to or remove the track from the groups.

Just like selecting inputs and outputs, hovering over "Add to group" gives you a drop down list with all the groups. Click the group and bam, it's added.
Hover over over "Remove from group" gives you a list of all the groups the track is in. Click the group and bam, it's not in that group anymore.

This... more »