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Pro Tools features

Plugin Manager With Version Indicator

A build-in plugin manager that would allow you to turn plugins on or off AND clearly specifies the correct versions of the installed plugins. After restarting Pro Tools your plugins would then be turned on or off according to the settings you made in the plugin manager.

It would be fantastic if it could be done WITHOUT a restart of Pro Tools, BUT even if i do have to restart Pro Tools this would make such a difference... more »

Pro Tools features

Graphic icon based screen shot plug-in list

Currently you select a plug-in by it's name or manufacturer. I would like to see the plug-in skin graphics in the list as thumbnails or outboard gear rack. Actually seeing the plug-ins would help decide what's might be more appropriate. Even a page of plug-in graphics to select from would be nice. Or a graphic of, say, a rack of various manufacturer's equalizers, limiters, reverbs to select from.
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