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Pro Tools | Control features

Preference to Remember Soft Key Page When Switching Apps

I'd like to see a preference added to Pro Tools|Control to remember which soft key page was last active when switching between applications. When not locked to Pro Tools the app currently displays the first page of soft keys when switching between host computer applications.

For instance, I use multiple pages of Pro Tools soft keys and have VE Pro running in the background (with its own page of soft keys). I'd like... more »
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Pro Tools | Dock bugs

Hit 'Jog' when Pro Tools application is in background doesn't always enable Jog, then Dock is unresponsive

Making a cue sheet / spotting with spread sheet application in focus. Sometimes (not every time) when I hit 'Jog' on dock nothing happens , then the Dock becomes unresponsive, the iPad app also does not respond, even Pro Tools does not respond to any input. Switching application focus back to pro tools eventually makes the dock, ipad & pro tools start working again.