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Pro Tools features

Pro Tools 12 HD with Melodyne and VocAlign Full Integration

It would be one of the best features if Pro Tools could integrate with Melodyne and VocAlign in a way that makes them start analyzing whenever we start recording so that as soon as we finish that take it becomes available on the same wave screen but below the audio and in a way that makes pro tools start having Melodyne or VocAlign on the fly, whenever we need to tune or align something during the record process, sometimes... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

GPU issues with Pro Tools 12.4HD on OS X 10.9.5

After many years with Pro Tools HD, this is the first time it has been necessary to use a graphic tool application to make Pro Tools flow.
When I use Apple Quartz Debug and deactivate "beam sync" then it works fine.
Autotune 8.1 in audiosuite is nearly impossible,if not for the Quartz Debug utility.
I think i am one of many customers with graphics issues in PT 12.x But the more we make complaints, the better chances... more »