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Pro Tools features

Commit into New Playlist

I would like to see "Commit Into a New Playlist" option in commit options window. The feature is self explanatory, instead of committing the track into another track it goes automatically into new playlist on that track disabling all plugins automatically or leaving that to choice.
Volume and Pan commit would be automatically unabled when this option is chosen. And also to add the option to commit into a new playlist... more »
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Pro Tools features

Commit Options Include Outputting To The Currently Selected Track On A New Playlist.

This would allow the user to have the committed section be delivered on to the same existing track on a new playlist. This would be helpful for playlisting ideas with different plugins, mix options, as well as saving other versions. Example: I do this currently with my drums. When I phase align certain channels after comping I like for the new tracks to be on the same track but different playlist. So I might have "Kick... more »
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Pro Tools features

Commit to new playlist

There are countless times where Im tuning vocals or fixing drum phase and need to keep playlist versions of each change for posterity. For example using melodyne or auto align. I currently have to commit to new track(s), move the new tracks around the session, create new playlist on the original track, drag clips/regions into those new empty playlist, and delete the empty tracks created from the original commit. This... more »
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Pro Tools features

Commit - Doesn't render audio tails beyond region or clip

This is so basic. Please allow Pro Tools an option in the commit box to render the audio tails for regions and clips beyond the selected commit clip or region. This way the committed clips will have plugin effects rendered properly such as reverb tails, delays, etc and not be cut off abruptly.

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Pro Tools features

Checkbox in COMMIT options to keep the file length the same as the clip length regardless of inserts processing

The COMMIT is a handy feature but if I insert some plugins that have extremely low noise floors after the clip length ends it creates a longer file. It would be great to FORCE the COMMIT to stick with the same length of the original clip so it doesn't alter the length of the processed clips.

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Pro Tools features


When committing multiple tracks, it would be nice to have a "commit to zero" check box that allow for each track to be rendered to the zero point, rather than the origin point of the audio.

This would be simpler and more efficient than manually choosing a region that covers all the tracks, since choosing a region forces a fixed end point that might be much too long for each individual track.

For example: Let's say... more »
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Pro Tools features

Possibility to rename commited tracks/files as normal audio tracks/files.

I have just tried commit function on my bass aux track and I love it.
But then I went to rename created clip and PROBLEM.
There is no option to
'' name clip and disk file''
So finding a new clip is becoming pain.
I have at least 3 possible candidates (BF 01, BF, BF 01.cm_1) and I don't know which one is right one.

What I used to do before was record aux to the new track with all the changes and all the... more »
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Pro Tools features

Commit Tracks on aux track improvement

When committing aux tracks you often get a lot of silent clips. Committed clips is created even if no audio is sent to the aux track.

In the what's new in Pro Tools 12.3 document it says:
"Committed Auxiliary Input tracks reference the clip boundaries from audio tracks routed to the input of the Auxiliary Input track and preserve them whenever possible."

This is not very useful in large session where you can end up... more »
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Pro Tools features

Check box in COMMIT options to keep clip names the same

The COMMIT option for offline processing individual clips (regions) is great but the way it renames the new clips is a hassle. Can you add a checkbox that keeps the clip named the same? Even if the disk file has a -cm in it it would be fine if I can just keep the clip names from altering.

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Pro Tools bugs

Pro Tools crash on commiting track from Reason in Rewire

I just upgraded to Pro Tools 12.5 from 12.4 hoping this issue was solved but it's not.

When I try to commit an instrument track in Pro Tools 12.5 and previously in 12.4 (specifically Rewired with Reason 8.3.2) Pro Tools crashes and Reason is left frozen/hanging. It happens every time. I haven't tried any other Rewire instruments as this is the only one I have.

The only workaround i've got is to solo the track and... more »