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Pro Tools features

"Apply to all" checkbox when removing unused files from the BIN.

When I get a faulty OMF (containing much more timeline and clips than the actual video) I usually import, cleanup and import that in a new session again. Because:

When selecting and removing unused data, you have to click "yes" or " no" for every single file. So when it's 10294 files you have to say "yes" or "no" for all 10294 files, no way to get out of it.

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Pro Tools features

on/off option to permanently erase a recording after doing undo

Doing undo after recording deletes the file permanently once another process is made. I would very much like an option where the file doesn't get deleted. Having an on/off switch on the delete feature of undo.

It would be safer for unwanted press of "z"

It would let the user choose if they want the number increment of the recordings to take the deleted takes into account or not.