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Pro Tools features

Show which tracks are MUTED (and possibly SOLOED) in the Track List

One nifty little feature I would like Pro Tools to implement would be to see which tracks are muted (and soloed) in the track list. In big sessions with a lot of tracks, it happens to lose sight of such tracks. I think it would be faster to scroll the track list and instantly find the muted track, and then being able to reach them faster.

Opertaing System(s) n/a

Pro Tools features

Link Tools Between Edit Window and MIDI Window

I'm constantly moving back and forth between the edit window and the MIDI edit window. I'm constantly changing tools (draw, trim, etc.) but when I switch between windows, it remembers the last tool I was using for that window not necessarily the last tool I selected. I think I'm using one tool, but I'm actually using another. Very frustrating. If I change a tool, please make it a global change.

Opertaing System(s) Windows 10