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Pro Tools features

Activate my Pro Tools license in two separate locations

Just like AIR Music Technology and Eventide allow:

How many computers can I activate my license on?

Using iLok License Manger, you can activate the license in two separate locations, each of which can be either a computer, or an iLok license key. You can move these licenses at any time using PACE's iLok License Manager software.

Opertaing System(s) n/a

Pro Tools features

Allow user to skip re-install PACE/iLok stuff with PT

PT upgrades/updates always replace my perfectly good, up to date iLok software, and botch it so that I have to download it from PACE, reinstall it, and reboot an extra time. Just happened again with 12.8. Pure waste of time. Give us the option to skip it, please! Applies to all versions on all platforms.

Opertaing System(s) Windows 10

Pro Tools features

PT12 subscription pro plugin license should activate full version of the same pro plugins.

edited and premixed a show at home on my pt12 hd rig and used the pro limiter and revibe plugins from my pt12 subscription license.

took it to the stage that has a pt10 hd rig with full version of pro limiter and revibe installed and got a "no license found on ilok" error for both plugins, apparently the pro plugins license in the pt12 subscription is different than the full version of the pro plugins and the pt12 license... more »

Opertaing System(s) Windows 8, OS X 10.10

Pro Tools features

Automatically Renew for Pro Tools non-HD/HD Plan licenses

We have to refresh the licenses manually within 48 hours of the expiration. We are not able to check the contract periods on iLok License Manager.

We would like to renew the PT/PTHD Plan licenses automatically, and would like to check the contract periods on iLok License Manager.

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iLok Licences & Activations ERRORS!

I have an active/payed for activations but because of some sort of error I couldn't activate my product to finish working with a very important and urgent music release. I have tried everything myself, so I ended up manually de-activating a licence from my iLok2 so that I could activate it again, but once I did it I completely locked myself out from using the software! I am using Avid products starting from March 2017... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.10