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Pro Tools features

Assigning plugin with search function

Would it be an idea to assign a new plugin to a track in pro tools in the same way you open an application in OSX via spotlight.

Here's an example:
- Click on an empty insert
- Start writing the plugin's name. For example "EQ3..."
- Pro tools suggests "EQ3 1-Band" and "EQ3 7-band".
- If you continue writing "EQ3 7", Pro Tools would automatically insert the 7-band eq, because there are no other options left.

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Pro Tools features

Move/Copy Plug-in in-between' two contiguous Plug-ins

It would be great if you could move or copy a plug-in in-between two contiguous plug-ins.

At present, we only have the option to replace one of the plug-ins and it is time-consuming dragging plug-ins down first to create a empty insert slot.

When hovering in-between two plug-ins a highlighted line should inform the user the dragged plug-in will be inserted in-between these plug-ins.

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Pro Tools features

Mixer Update - More Insert and Send Slots

We should not be limited to ten of each in 2017 and they should be freely draggable. I already have a feature request to allow a plug-in to be dragged in-between two contiguous plug-ins, not replace one!

I actually, really like how Harrison Mixbus has implemented inserts/sends where Insets and sends can be in any order but simply more than eight would be extremely beneficial to workflow

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Pro Tools features

Graphic icon based screen shot plug-in list

Currently you select a plug-in by it's name or manufacturer. I would like to see the plug-in skin graphics in the list as thumbnails or outboard gear rack. Actually seeing the plug-ins would help decide what's might be more appropriate. Even a page of plug-in graphics to select from would be nice. Or a graphic of, say, a rack of various manufacturer's equalizers, limiters, reverbs to select from.
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