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Pro Tools features

Looping Record to automatic playlist

You're recording guitars by yourself.. you know it's going to take you a few goes. So with this feature you can set up a looping section (with enough time for fiddling/tuning/whatever) and once the allotted loop has recorded through. it starts again so you get another shot. and automatically playlists the previous record.

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Pro Tools features

Prevent Pro Tools from pausing/skipping.

Every time when I play my Pro Tools project and while playing I try to add an instrument track, or an audio track, or an effect, or a send or change the cycle Pro Tools will pause for a moment.

When you are producing a track that is so annoying and it takes you out of your creative flow.
I know no other sequencer on the market that has this issue. And this can't be a CPU or a Ram issue because the competition clearly... more »