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Multiple Memory Location Tracks

Working in post production, I rely heavily on Memory Locators for several uses :
- Marking picture cuts
- As a reminder of sounds that i still need to spot et other things that require some work
- Taking notes of director's comments
- Sometimes I also like to let the director drop markers while screening, that way the director wants a chang, he/she doesn't need to interrupt the screening or loose focus while taking notes... more »

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Pro Tools features

Memory Location improvements

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When creating memory locations, it would be faster to make an option that changes the default Time-Properties of the new Mem-Loc like so:

* When my selector is within a range - Default a Selection

* When my selector is just a on the grid without a range - Default to Marker




Another option is to Enable CMD + ARROWS to change the Time Properties (Just like creating a new track).

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Pro Tools features

Extra (and bigger than normal memory locations) ruler for songstructure

I really like the look and size of the Logic markers or marker ruler (faster and better to see). I would love to have a ruler just for Songstructure with no effect on the standard markers. custom size, custom colors and the ability to "jump" to those markers.

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Pro Tools features

Edit memory location - switch to next memory location keyboard shortcut

When editing track names and comments, you can switch to the next or previous track by using the keyboard shortcut [cmd+left/right arrow].
It would be very handy if this shortcut could also be used when editing memory locations. When the Edit Memory Location dialog is open, you could use [cmd+left/right arrow] to switch to the next or previous memory location, thus not having to close the dialog and double click on the... more »

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