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Pro Tools features

Color coded bus selectors

Is there a reason the buss assignment buttons in the mixer are not able to be color coded? Seems like that;'s more helpful than anything color-wise. I admit that when creating anew track I often forget to put it in the mix buss and it's left out of the mixdown. Seeing a green buss on all stereo mixdown channels and red busses on drum sub buss, etc.

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Pro Tools features

Mixer Update - more intelligent soloing

Pro Tools seriously lags behind its competitors here.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of improvements, if you have any more please add to comments.
If I solo the 'Drum Aux' all tracks associated with that Aux should play, it is silly I have to solo all the tracks manually.
If I have a delay and reverb send on my Vocal channel, when I solo the Vocal channel, I should also hear the delay and reverb. Yes, I can 'solo safe'... more »
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Pro Tools features

Easier moving plug-ins between tracks of different channel depth

Improve easy-of-use when moving or copying a plug-in from a track to another with a different number of channels:

- if the destination track have fewer channels, automatically convert the plug-in format, for example:
- when moving from a stereo to a mono track, convert "multichannel" to "mono" or "multi-mono" to "mono" (in this case keep Left settings, drop right settings -- or even ask which channel settings to keep)... more »
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Pro Tools features

Move/Copy Plug-in in-between' two contiguous Plug-ins

It would be great if you could move or copy a plug-in in-between two contiguous plug-ins.

At present, we only have the option to replace one of the plug-ins and it is time-consuming dragging plug-ins down first to create a empty insert slot.

When hovering in-between two plug-ins a highlighted line should inform the user the dragged plug-in will be inserted in-between these plug-ins.

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Pro Tools features

Mixer Update - Show Only '' tracks

The ability to show only audio tracks or show only VCAs or Aux etc, it would be nice if you could select a combination like Aux and VCA for example, and the option to always keep the master fader presnets.

This would be good for setting up Window Configurations that you could quickly switch between on busy mixes.

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Pro Tools features

Display Pre-Fader Meters BEFORE the Fader, Not After

On the mix window, meters are displayed to the right of the fader (i.e. after it), yet the default meters in PT are PRE-fader.

It would be a lot clearer and more intuitive if these were shown the other way around, with any pre-fader meter placed just before its corresponding fader.

To a pro, I'm sure this seems like a pointless difference, but I think it would help reduce confusion from newcomers in terms of how to... more »
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Pro Tools features

Mixer Update - More Insert and Send Slots

We should not be limited to ten of each in 2017 and they should be freely draggable. I already have a feature request to allow a plug-in to be dragged in-between two contiguous plug-ins, not replace one!

I actually, really like how Harrison Mixbus has implemented inserts/sends where Insets and sends can be in any order but simply more than eight would be extremely beneficial to workflow