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Pro Tools features

Allow control-click "bounce..." to work on audio tracks

In protools 12.3 they added a feature where you can control click on a series of aux tracks and select "bounce..." This will open a window where you can do an offline bounce for the auxes selected. Much more useful would be too also allow this feature to work on audio tracks. When the bounce is complete, the audio could be laid right on the track, rather than making a new track. Which would also allowing for destructive... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Pro Tools 12 HD offline bounce bug

Offline bouncing a stereo file in Pro Tools HD 12.4 and 12.5 (not tested with earlier versions) results reproducibly the size of bounced left channel to be same than the source channel of the bounce, but right bounced channel is a bit larger (reported by Finder). Same happens with 5.1 files - the size of bounced left channel is the same than the original, all the other five are a bit larger.

Pro Tools sees the bounced... more »