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Pro Tools features

Master Comp Playlist enhancement + Shortcut for Audio to Master Comp Playlist

It woud be amazing to have the ability to configure a Playlist as a master comp playlist. So when browsing through the different playlists you could paste audio on it without having to have it visible.

If you have open all the playlists of a track, you can select a portion of audio of any of them and paste it in the playlist you have visible at the top. But, now since PT 12.7, you can navigate through the different... more »
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Pro Tools features

Looping Record to automatic playlist

You're recording guitars by yourself.. you know it's going to take you a few goes. So with this feature you can set up a looping section (with enough time for fiddling/tuning/whatever) and once the allotted loop has recorded through. it starts again so you get another shot. and automatically playlists the previous record.