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Pro Tools features

We need an awesome built-in sampler

Let’s say I have a kick sample played over a hundred times with very diverse patterns during a song I’m producing. What if I want to change that sample to a different one? Or layer it with other samples? Right now I have to make a new audio track and manually recreate the placement of every instance I want the sample to play. This can be very tedious and time consuming.

Other DAWs live Ableton Live and Logic have built... more »
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Pro Tools features

Soundbase: preview samples in session key

A user sets the key of a session to c# minor

A user tags a sample in soundbase as c minor

A user clicks the soundbase "preview in key" button

A user clicks preview on the c minor sample and hears it playback transposed to the key of the session c# minor

This would be a game-changer for sample based artists using pro tools. One could quickly try out samples from any key.

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Pro Tools features

Drag and Drop from desktop conform (shortcut or GUI) option

in pro tools preferences, on the processing tab there's a way to select "no files" "rex and acid files only" or "all files" to conform to session tempo. a shortcut key like "Control" "Shift" and "C" could be a good toggle between no conversion and all files. OR maybe make a dropdown in expanded transport to easily switch. When you're working with loops and samples together, Users don't always want to conform the individual... more »