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Pro Tools features

We need an awesome built-in sampler

Let’s say I have a kick sample played over a hundred times with very diverse patterns during a song I’m producing. What if I want to change that sample to a different one? Or layer it with other samples? Right now I have to make a new audio track and manually recreate the placement of every instance I want the sample to play. This can be very tedious and time consuming.

Other DAWs live Ableton Live and Logic have built... more »

Pro Tools features

Soundbase: preview samples in session key

A user sets the key of a session to c# minor
A user tags a sample in soundbase as c minor
A user clicks the soundbase "preview in key" button
A user clicks preview on the c minor sample and hears it playback transposed to the key of the session c# minor
This would be a game-changer for sample based artists using pro tools. One could quickly try out samples from any key.

Pro Tools features

Drag and Drop from desktop conform (shortcut or GUI) option

in pro tools preferences, on the processing tab there's a way to select "no files" "rex and acid files only" or "all files" to conform to session tempo. a shortcut key like "Control" "Shift" and "C" could be a good toggle between no conversion and all files. OR maybe make a dropdown in expanded transport to easily switch. When you're working with loops and samples together, Users don't always want to conform the individual... more »