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Pro Tools features

Memory Location improvements



When creating memory locations, it would be faster to make an option that changes the default Time-Properties of the new Mem-Loc like so:

* When my selector is within a range - Default a Selection

* When my selector is just a on the grid without a range - Default to Marker




Another option is to Enable CMD + ARROWS to change the Time Properties (Just like creating a new track).

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Pro Tools features

Skip Selection

If i wanted to edit out one or two bars of a song i would have to cut, shuffle, drag and only then i could listen to it. What if using the selection, the pre-roll and the post-roll, i could do the same preview without doing any edit?
By toggling a button ON or OFF, i could tell pro tools that instead of playing the selection, it could jump over the selection. Lets say i have a selection between bar 48 and 50. Pre roll... more »
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Pro Tools features

Zoom to Selection

With the current Single/Normal Zoom function you can only make a selection on one track. I would like this feature to be changed to combine with Zoom Toggle so that you can freely make a selection with the Zoom key and it will toggle to fit the screen. It eliminates one extra step of making a selection and pressing E. I'd rather be able to do this all-in-one.

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Pro Tools features

Write-to-Current in Stop, but take the End Value for the Selection until Start

During stop, after automation has been written or when editing automation, it is possible with Write-to-Current and a selection made, to assign the value at the start of the selection to be written over the whole selection.
I often find myself wishing to write the value at the end of the selection to be written to the whole selection.
The shortcut could be (Win) : Ctrl + Start + / (numpad).
(Yes, during an automation... more »