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Pro Tools features

"Hidden Tracks do not lose their Record Enabled Status" as a Preference

Useful when printing stems/masters and making last-minute corrections in source tracks, that are e.g. recalled by a memory locator with the property to only shows those source tracks, but not the printing tracks.
Even after the correction and recalling a memory locater, that shows the printing tracks, those have lost their record enabled status.
PT could as well "remember" the record enabled status of the print tracks,... more »
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Pro Tools features

Hide / Show Tracks, Aux, VCAs, Masters with a click in Mix Window

I mix some bands that use a complete classical orchestra plus drums, guitars,keyboards, etc... They give me up to 250 tracks to mix, that added to my own tracks for auxiliars, submixes, VCAs, masters, etc make my sessions to reach sometimes the 300 tracks in a mix. Thanks ProTools 12, the number of voices will never be a problem again. But navigating though that amount of tracks is more than a pain.

Logic Audio has the... more »