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Pro Tools features

XFORM - multithreading

Guys - it's 2018 -

XForming tracks in a post environment should be utilizing multi-core CPUS... all available.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here waiting over 25 minutes for XFORM to complete a pitch shift on a 1 x 5.1 stem and 5 stereo folds that are 5 minutes long and it's not even halfway complete. Protools HDX is using 146% CPU. So a core and a half during this audio suit process.

System CPU usage is sitting at TWO... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Midi score editor super slow to open up when there is alot of midi tracks

I am opening up a new bug report, since the one that's listed here is listed as Fixed, but it's still happening on PT12.5.2!!!

please download attached file and open up session. attempt to double click on any midi region to load midi score view and observe that it takes anywhere from 30 sec to a min to open up score view.

occurs both on... more »