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Pro Tools features

Softube Console 1 "DAW Integration" w/ Pro Tools

Hey everyone,

If your reading this then you might be a current user of the Console Softube 1 and Pro Tools. As you may know The Softube Console 1 has been out now for several years now. It now offers complete "DAW Integration" w/ many other DAWs such as Sonar, Studio 1 and Cubase. I've had an opportunity to work on the console w/ Studio One and I can confirm that the work flow is a game changer. Its my hope amongst others... more »
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Pro Tools features

Allow Softube Console1 To Import Pro Tools Track Numbers

As a Console1 user, the only real frustration I have when using it with Pro Tools is that the track orders in Pro Tools and Console1 don’t sync. This means that any time I move or add tracks in the Pro Tools session, the Console1 track layout must then be manually updated to match the new track layout in PT, a cumbersome and really unnecessary extra step. Softube have said that they can and will make this functionality... more »
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Pro Tools features

Softube "Console 1" - type display for Pro Tools (EQ/DYN curve display)

Pro Tools could have a 3rd window option - Edit, Mix and "Console". It would be great to have the transfer curves of the EQ/DYN always in view as a full window. As you focus a track, the information from the EQ/Dyn (Avid Channel Strip) would populate the graphs. With the release of PT2018 and the EQ View on each of the channels in the Mix window - this seems like an easy thing to do. It's also technically being done on... more »